27 05, 2020

Roscommon Transition Towns

2020-05-27T11:34:49+01:00May 27th, 2020|Roscommon|

Roscommon Transition Towns vision is for a resilient local community that can sustain each other during challenges. We long for a healthy and regenerated ecosystem that can provide locally produced food and green energy without harming other species. We imagine a diverse society that is equitable across gender, age, class and race. We believe the warmth of human connection and friendships will help us navigate the changing future, together. We operate via a core organising group + active sub groups working on practical, community based projects eg: local food system, community energy.

28 02, 2020

Roscommon Environmental Network

2020-02-28T10:58:35+00:00February 28th, 2020|Roscommon|

General This unincorporated association shall be known under the name Roscommon Environmental Network and is a not-for-profit organisation and community-based group. The group is established as a network for all those in County Roscommon with an interest in environmental issues, be it individuals or already existing groups. If an existing group becomes a member, then it must nominate one individual to represent them at meetings of the Network. Objectives: The primary objective of Roscommon Environmental Network is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development - to create a county that provides a [...]

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