The Objective of Dodder Action is to protect and enhance the unique wildlife and heritage of the River Dodder (and all its tributaries) as an amenity for current and future generations to enjoy.
We are hugely grateful to all our Volunteers and Supporters. Please join us:

Our work includes the following subsidiary objectives:
I. Wildlife: Enhance the biodiversity and habitat of the river Dodder as a wildlife corridor.
II. Heritage: Promote the conservation of heritage structures and archaeological remains in the context of the history of the river.
III. Education: promote the river and its environs as an educational resource for schools and the wider community.
IV. Community: promote links between communities and the river.
V. Amenity: promote access and use of the river and its environs through sensitive and sustainable development.
VI. Pollution and Litter: Promote a litter and pollution free Dodder through awareness raising, advocacy and direct action.