This unincorporated association shall be known under the name Roscommon Environmental Network and is a not-for-profit organisation and community-based group.

The group is established as a network for all those in County Roscommon with an interest in environmental issues, be it individuals or already existing groups. If an existing group becomes a member, then it must nominate one individual to represent them at meetings of the Network.


The primary objective of Roscommon Environmental Network is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development – to create a county that provides a healthy environment for humans, plants and animals, and contains a vibrant Eco-system.

In order to achieve this, the Network will:
• work with others within the community to help create positive changes, locally, nationally and internationally, as appropriate.
• sustain a network of existing individuals and groups who share this vision
• look actively for funding to strengthen and ensure the long-term future of the network
• collaborate with other organisations and individuals to achieve the aims and objectives above