Welcome to your portal for local climate action and dialogue in Ireland

This website details some of the ways that you can get involved in climate and environmental work in your area. Two of these are through your local environmental network, and your Public Participation Network. There are also lots of local groups around the country who are all working to create a sustainable future for Ireland.

Local environmental networks allow people to meet, share knowledge, and create action for a sustainable future. Networking may sound like a cold business term, but at its heart is people. Meeting new people, sharing skills, learning from each other, and providing each other with opportunities that would not be possible on our own. It is this level of conversation and action that is only possible through local groups and community.

If you are new to the local environmental networks, you can find out all about them here, and get in touch with the network in your area.

If you are already involved in a local environmental network or another environmental group, there are lots of resources to help you plan actions and learn from each other. Explore the site, give your input, and get in touch with your local network to make a positive difference in your area.

Public Participation Networks give your community a voice in local decision making. If your environmental group joins your Public Participation Network, then you are giving climate a voice in this decision-making process as well!