Local environmental networks

Local environmental networks (LENs) are made up of individuals with interests in a wide range of environmental and climate issues. They provide a central hub around which people from a given area can gather, discuss projects, ask for help, create change and become involved in their local Public Participation Network.

Communication, sharing resources, and having conversations about climate lets each other know that we are all working together to make a better future for our planet. It is important that we are all open to learning and that we can talk to our friends, family and neighbours about it. You might wonder where you can start. Joining a group of like minded people can help you learn more about how to act for climate in your everyday life, and how to talk about these issues with others in your life. Local environmental networks may be the place for you.

All around the country LENs are being used to bring people together, get conversations started, create meaningful projects for the local community and positively impact the wider surroundings.

Some LENs are very active, with regular meetings, a range of projects on the go and an online presence. Others are still very young; a mailing list of interested individuals. These groups are waiting for the right people to spur them on to greater things. There is huge possibility to do great things in your community and they are fantastic fun to be involved in. If there is none in your area you could set one up!

Local environmental networks are all independent autonomous groups. This website aims to gather information to help them in their work and to spread the word about them. If you would like to set up a network in your area please feel free to use the information provided on this site to help you in your journey.

Check the list below to see information on the LEN in your county.

County Carlow Environmental Network

The voluntary County Carlow Environmental Network (CEN) is an inclusive, welcoming community group that is focussed on making Carlow sustainable and beautiful for all. We bring our various skills and knowledge together to foster learning and actions for living well in County Carlow. The group is open to all and meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm at An Gairdin Beo in Carlow town

Email: info@ccen.ie – Online: Facebook page Website

Cavan Environmental Network

The Cavan Environmental Network is very active in the Cavan Public Participation Network. Cavan has very strong networks who are working to ensure that their actions are harmonious with the environment around us.

Email: cavanppn@gmail.com

Cavan Communities 4 Climate Action

We are a group that aim to support projects that involve community action, promote resilience of communities, sustainability and disseminate information by posting on out Facebook page and other social media, and through involvement in the Public Participation Network.

Online: Facebook

The seeNdoo Organisation – Cavan

The seeNdoo Organisation has been set up by a youth activist in Cavan, who wishes to see more collaboration for local climate action. They have been involved in the Youth Assembly on Climate, hosted school presentations, and spoken at PPN events about climate activism and how you can get involved.

Email: info@seendoo.com – Online: Website

Clare Environmental Network

Clare Environmental Network CEN is a network for anyone in Clare interested in our environment and sustainable development. We exist to promote and collaborate on issues that protect our environment for this and future generations.

Email: clareenvn@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

Cork Environmental Forum

Cork Environmental Forum provides a forum to engage in debate on current environmental issues and seeks agreement on ways of resolving them. CEF stimulates and sustains the level of active environmental awareness, concern, care and activity among people in Cork. CEF participates in relevant networks which assist in fostering, promoting and implementing sustainable development.

Email: info@cef.ie – Online: Website, Facebook page

Donegal Environmental Network

Donegal Environmental Network is a page created to raise awareness on sustainable development and policy that has environmental significance in Donegal. They are active in their Public Participation Network, and in local actions.

Online: Facebook page

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Environmental Network

The DLR Environmental Network has an online platform where you can keep up to date on environmental events in the area. You can use the group to share green events and volunteer opportunities, ask for advice or share environmental information. Join in to keep informed and get active in creating a sustainable future!

Email: catherine@ien.ie – Online: Facebook Group

Dublin Community (City) Environmental Network

Working to create a cleaner, greener Dublin.  They work to achieve this by connecting all those in Dublin who share an interest in our natural heritage and climate action, and becoming a hub through which everyone can communicate and take action. They organise events throughout the year and promote all other environmentally focused events in Dublin

Email: dublincen@gmail.com – Online: Website, Facebook page, Facebook group

South Dublin Environmental Network

The SDCEN is a network of individual environmental Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) that work individually and, as appropriate, jointly to protect and enhance the environment within the South Dublin County area. The SDCEN works to promote the interlinked principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability. In representing the environment its Members represent a common good and not self-interest. As a network in South Dublin, SDCEN is greater than the sum of its parts, with synergies developing from working together and sharing knowledge, skills, strengths and experience. Raising Awareness of environmental issues is central to our mission.

Email: sdcenvironmentalnetwork@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

Fingal Environmental Network

The Fingal Environmental Network is very active in their Public Participation Network, and there are lots of ways to get involved directly in the decision making of the council through this. They also have a Facebook group where you can keep up to date on environmental events in the area. You can use the group to share green events and volunteer opportunities, ask for advice or share environmental information. Join in to keep informed and get active in creating a sustainable future.

Email: fingalenvnet@gmail.com – Online: Facebook group

Laois Environmental Network

Laois Environmental Network has been operating for a long time, but has recently taken a hiatus. Please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to stay updated on current developments

Leitrim Local Environmental Network

The Leitrim Environmental Network took off strong in 2019 with actions surrounding climate in the local and EU elections. They have continued to build a strong network in the county.

Email: leitrimen@gmail.com – Online: Facebook group, Facebook page

Limerick Environmental Network

The Limerick Environmental Network plans climate actions in Limerick, and support the growth of a network of individuals throughout the county.

Email: catherine@ien.ie – Online: Facebook group

Longford Environmental Network

Longford Environmental Alliance (LEA) is a voluntary group whose aims are to raise awareness of environmental issues in Co. Longford.

Online: Facebook page

Louth Environmental Network

The Louth Environmental Network works to address environmental issues in Louth, and keep people informed of events. Their members are also active on the Louth Public Participation Network, so there’s lots of opportunity to get involved.

Email: Louthenvironmentalnetwork@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

Mayo Environmental Network

Mayo Environmental Network (MEN) is an environmental NGO which raises awareness and participates in public policy as part of the Irish Environmental Pillar and a linkage group of the Mayo PPN

Email: mayoenvironmentalnetwork@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

Meath Environmental Network

The Meath Environmental Network is very active in the county. They meet once a month to discuss issues and work with the Meath PPN.

Online: Facebook page.

Transition Monaghan

Transition Monaghan is the local environmental network for the county. They are involved in many local projects and are a member of their Public Participation Network. They always welcome new members.

Email: transitionmonaghan@gmail.com – Online: Website

Roscommon Environmental Network

The Roscommon Environmental Network is involved in their Public Participation Network. They organise climate and environmental events that are directed by input from their members, so get in touch and get involved.

Online: Facebook page

Sligo Environmental Network

The Sligo Environmental Network represents a network of people wishing to take positive environmental action in Sligo. They organise local actions with the input and direction from their members, and are involved in their Public Participation Network.

Email: sligonetwork@gmail.com – Online: Facebook group Facebook page

Tipperary Environmental Network

The Tipperary Environmental Network is housed at the Cabragh Wetlands Trust, with members from all over the county. This is located at the heart of Tipperary and is a meeting point for many environmental activists from the area.

Email: tipperaryenvironmentalnetwork@gmail.com

Green Offaly

Green Offaly is the network for Offaly. This Sustainable Development Trust is community owned and operated. They run training, events and more. Their website is soon to be launched.

Email: greenoffaly@gmail.com

Galway Environmental Network

The Galway Environmental Network are a network of individuals, groups and organisations concerned with the environment and environmental sustainability in Galway. Ní neart go cur le chéile!

Email: galwayenvironmentalnetwork@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

Kerry Climate Action Network

Kerry Climate Action Network had their first meeting in January 2019, with a huge interest and turnout from the county, including representatives from groups such as Transition Kerry, Tralee Bee Highway, Siamsa Tíre and more. They have many actions already being planned.

Email: kerryclimateaction@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page

North Kerry Environmental Forum

Founded in 2009, the North Kerry Environmental Forum is a local community forum/association, with local, national and international reach and impact. They are passionate about all matters relating to our environment, in particular sustainable development, biodiversity, climate change and our natural habitats, sustainable villages and towns, renewable energy resources, the circular economy, coastal zone management, sustainable eco travel/tourism, and marine life.

Email: northkerryenvironmentalforum@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page.

Transition Kerry

Transition Kerry is community initiative supported by Kerry County Council and NEKD. It is part of a local, national & international initiative. It is making an effort to get local communities to think about making themselves more resilient, in response to three major things that are happening in our world: CLIMATE CHANGE, PEAK OIL & ECONOMIC CHANGE
It is about creating awareness and networks to ensure that local sustainability is at the core of all actions & decisions made at local, national & international levels.
Our objective is to accelerate change through inspiring, encouraging, supporting, networking and training our communities as they consider and then implement their vision for the future they want to live in.

Email: info@transitionkerry.org – Online: Website, Facebook page.

Kildare Environmental Network

Kildare Environmental Network (KEEN) is an environmental NGO which raises awareness and participates in public policy as part of the Environmental Pillar.

Email: kildarekeen@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page – Phone: 087 994 0758.

Kilkenny Environmental Network

Kilkenny EN has been operating for a long time, but has recently taken a hiatus. Please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page to stay updated on current developments, or follow their Facebook page.

Online: Facebook page

Waterford Environmental Network

The Waterford Environmental Network works closely with the Waterford Public Participation Network.

Email: jhawkes@waterfordcouncil.ie – Phone: 058 211 98

Westmeath Environmental Network

The Westmeath Environmental Climate Action Network (WECAN) can be contacted at . It is open to anyone with an interest in environmental and sustainability issues. Get in touch to get involved.

Email: westmeathen@gmail.com – Online: Facebook group

Wexford Environmental Network

The Wexford Environmental Network is young and growing. They are open to all with an interest in climate and the environment.

Online: Facebook group, Facebook page

Wicklow Environmental Network

The Wicklow Environmental Network works closely with the Wicklow Public Participation Network.

Email: countywicklowppn@gmail.com

North Wicklow Environmental Network

Aims to promote collaboration between environmental groups and impact policy change at local authority level within North Wicklow Environs. Align with the objective of the Irish Environmental Pillar and UN Sustainable development Goals. NWEN meets approximately 6 times a year, to discuss and connect with groups throughout North Wicklow. It is a young group which is growing.

Email: NorthWicklowEN@gmail.com – Online: Facebook group

West Wicklow Environmental Network

The aim of WWEN is to provide a platform for individuals & groups throughout West Wicklow with a shared interest in protecting the environment, natural heritage, sustainable development & climate action to come together, communicate, share knowledge & experience, contribute towards policy change at local level and at government level, promote green events & create awareness within West Wicklow.

Email: westwicklowen@gmail.com – Online: Facebook page