Here we have compiled information from our Climate Action Training sessions, so even if you were unable to attend you can still read the presentations and watch the live streams.

Climate Action Training - March 30th 2019.

Workshops: Climate for Wellbeing, Hosting Climate Conversations in your Community, Climate and the Local Elections.

1) Climate for Wellbeing

As our climate changes, so must our communities and councils adapt to future-proof practices. One way to impact this adaptation is through the Wellbeing Statements for each Public Participation Network. This workshop, hosted by Michael Ewing of the Environmental Pillar, will explore how you can engage for climate through this documents creation. The Wellbeing Statement in each Local Authority District will be a guidebook for the work of the Public Participation Network and the creation of local policy in the future, as it aims to reflect what the community wants the future of their county to look like. We will be joined by Helen Howes of County Wicklow PPN, who has organised the creation of a very successful Wellbeing Statement in Co.Wicklow. Ensure that our environment is included in your counties Wellbeing Statement by knowing how to give your input, and how to lead others to give theirs.

Michael Ewing – View and download the presentation here

Helen Howes – View and download the presentation here


2) Hosting Climate Conversations in your Community

Conversation is key to creating more awareness on climate issues. People have always learned and shared through stories, and it is through good story telling and good communication that knowledge and best practice will take root. We are delighted to have Gary Tyrrell from An Taisce with us for this event to host our third workshop of the day.  He will host a workshop on the practicalities of hosting climate conversations with family, friends and larger groups, and exploring the importance of storytelling in communicating.

Gary Tyrell – Climate Conversation presentation

Gary Tyrell – Communications & Action Presentation


3) Climate and the Local Elections

This workshop will be focused on enacting change for climate through the local and EU elections. David Healy, Green Party Councilor for Fingal, will discuss what it is that local councilors can achieve. We will discuss different ways that you can engage with local councilors about environmental issues, and methods for reaching more people. This workshop includes a step by step guide on how to organise a local hustings hosted by Niall Sargent, editor for the Green News, and will explore other creative ways to engage people for climate in the local election process.

Functions of council pdf

David Healy – local authority presentation

Niall Sargent – How to grab some attention presentation

Climate Action Training - November 30th 2019.

Workshops: Climate Action Plan, Rewilding and Biodiversity

1) From National to Local – How to use the National Climate Action Plan in local work

This workshop is hosted by Simon O’Rafferty, who has been working on an EPA funded project which focuses on examining the design of policy interventions for sustainable behaviour change. Simon will break down the national plan, and show how it can be used to direct your own work, and where community groups and projects can work alongside national plans to strengthen both local and national work.

Simon O’Rafferty – Climate Action Plan and Communities presentation. Watch the presentation below.




2) Re-wilding and Biodiversity

Hosted by Pádraic Fogarty, Campaign Officer at the Irish Wildlife Trust and author of ‘Whittled Away’, the tale of Ireland’s fast disappearing nature and what can be done about it. Pádraic will be sharing his experience of wildlife in Ireland and the concept of re-wilding.

Padraic Fogarty – Biodiversity and Rewilding presentation. Watch the presentation below.



Climate for Councils - Climate and Biodiversity Action Workshop - Dec 4th 2019

The objective of this workshop was to initiate the development and implementation of policies and actions, at Local Authority level, that will respond to the Climate and Biodiversity Emergencies. The day hosted presentations from expert speakers focusing on the challenges that Ireland is facing, and looking at the actions that local authorities can drive in their constituency. Round table discussions asked attending councilors to share best practice, challenges, and possible solutions to the collapse of biodiversity, and to climate adaptation and mitigation. Below are the presentations from the day.






1) Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss – The closely linked nature of the 2 emergencies

Anja Murray, Ecologist, Policy Analyst and Broadcaster

Anja Murray – View and download the presentation here. Watch the presentation below.




2) The Biodiversity Emergency

Padraic Fogarty, Ecologist and Author.

Watch the presentation below.




3) Local Authorities and Biodiversity

Bernie Guest, Heritage Officer

Bernie Guest – View and download the presentation here. Watch the presentation below.



4) Getting Real on Climate Crisis – Local Leadership on Climate Action

Tara Shine, Environmental Scientist, Change by Degrees

Tara Shine – View and download the presentation here. Watch the presentation below.




5) Local dimensions of the National & Local Biodiversity Action Plans – are they sufficient and will they be delivered?

David Dodd, Environmental Scientist, Climate Action Regional Office

David Dodd – View and download the presentation here. Watch the presentation below.




Reports: Outcomes from workshops

Summary of Workshop Outcomes on Biodiversity.pdf

Summary of Workshop Outcomes on Climate Change.pdf



Feedback from participants at the Climate and Biodiversity Workshop