Resources and Helpful Documents

This is a collected list of resources that may be useful to you while working with the PPN, your LEN, your local group or individual work. Our thanks to the PPNs involved in creating some of these documents and providing them on their own websites.

These documents have been collated on request from environmental representatives. This list is constantly being updated. If you have any ideas as to what you would like to see included, please email

Explore these resources by clicking the links below or using the ‘RESOURCES’ dropdown menu:

Find materials to help you use your PPN effectively, including a Plain English guide.

Also included are examples of policies that LENs and other groups have put through using their PPN, and other projects that you might like to use or learn from.

Examples of constitutions, resources to help you get set up as a group, run meetings and more.

Videos and reports from our Climate Action Training sessions, and our Climate for Councils training session.

Materials to help you get climate and environment on the political map during elections.

Climate Action Handbooks, reports from events, useful websites, and offers from those who want to help.